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With Chef Share you can work to your schedule.

With the ability to be able to work wherever and whenever you’d like, Chefshare is able to provide you with flexibility and freedom to your career where you can enjoy your actual life as well. We believe the key to a successful career is a good work/life balance, so that you can get a decent break from work and not miss out on your family life.

However, if you’re the sort of person who loves working and are looking for extra shifts to pay for holidays, birthdays or simply just need a bit more to pay the bills then we can also provide you with additional shifts depending on your needs.

Any chef will already be aware that time management is vital in creating high quality dishes consistently for diners. Without this it is difficult to complete the tasks that you have set for that day, whether that is ordering ingredients, preparing meals, managing staff or overseeing kitchen operations.

We strongly encourage our employees here at Chefshare to keep on top of organisation in order to reduce stress. We have experienced first-hand the stresses of the hospitality industry and keeping on top of your workload and prioritising organisation by setting out a clear plan for your work schedule is a great way to control your stress levels. Not only will you have better job satisfaction but you’re also likely to have better outcomes benefitting your mental health in the long run.

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