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We provide some of the very best and most reliable people in the hospitality sector and we have a great reputation for getting it right.

Experienced, knowledgable candidates

We can deliver on all staff levels, making sure that whatever gaps you have can be filled with our experienced, knowledgeable and team focused candidates. At ChefShare we can provide peace of mind with Head Chefs, Sous Chefs and Chef de Partie positions as well as any other members of your front of house team.

Head Chefs

Good Head Chefs are leaders in the kitchen as well as team players. They’re people that will work with you, the owner, as well as with the team around them, inspiring, motivating and helping others to produce the very best possible output for your kitchen.

At ChefShare we can help you hire a chef that will lead your team and help your business thrive.

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Sous Chefs

Finding a good Sous Chef has never been easy but they remain an integral part of any kitchen. Their hands-on approach is the connection between the Head Chef and the rest of the team.

At ChefShare we can help you find the perfect Sous Chef that will make your team function properly.

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Chef de Partie

A reliable Chef de Partie is worth their weight in gold as they deliver the vision of the kitchen and the levels expected. These chef jobs are best filled by ambitious, younger chefs that are focused on delivery while developing their own skills and experience.

At ChefShare we can help you hire a Chef de Partie that shares your vision, using our strong ‘pipeline’ of candidates that are perfect for that next challenge.

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