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Head Chef


Have you been thinking about becoming a head chef? Are you aware of all the responsibilities and activities carried out by a head chef? This role stands at the highest level within a kitchen; it is a great privilege for those passionate about providing customers with a culinary experience. 

Our team here at Chefshare have been offering chef recruitment services in Devon for several years; during this time, we have helped several people get their dream head chef job in Devon; the role needs to be carried out by someone who has the drive and the determination to create delicious meals as well as run a tight ship! 

Our latest article looks at the role of a head chef, the responsibilities, the skills you need, and more, meaning you can think about whether or not the role suits you. 

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What Are The Key Responsibilities Of A Head Chef?

 When it come to the responsibilities and roles of a head chef you will find that they are generally a little bit of everything, a head chef has to undertake tasks across the entire kitchen, and not even just in the kitchen there is office work to go with it as well! 

Their primary focus is creating menus, depending on the restaurant type. You might find this includes ten-course tasting menus or quaint countryside dishes; it will depend on the restaurant restaurants. 

Not only that, but it is their job to look at the seasonality of produce, decide whether it should be on the plate to start with, and have a solid understanding of the flavours, creating a menu that draws the foodies in! 

Once the menu has been crafted, another primary responsibility of a head chef is ordering and stock rotation, which is one of the most essential parts of the role. Ensuring food comes in and goes out of the kitchen in the correct order is on the shoulders of the head chef; managing inventory is crucial for passing health and safety checks. 

When it comes to the roles and responsibilities of a head chef, you are looking at a diverse role, that changes daily and even hourly depending on the restaurant at the time of day, it is a dynamic role that needs an high level of organisation and culinary expertise. If this interests you, why not speak to our team of chef recruiters here in Devon, we are always happy to help you. 

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Head Chef? 

Do you think you have what it takes to become a head chef? Exceeding in this role will require you to have several skill sets that you can tap into, for example you must have advanced culinary skills, this includes a solid understanding of cooking techniques and the ingredients used to create something memorable for your guests. 

It might not be expected, but creativity is one of the critical factors when it comes to being a head chef; you have to be able to take a basket full of ingredients and turn it into something mouth-watering and appealing! 

Another primary skill you need to possess to be a skilled head chef is leadership and interpersonal management skills, the kitchen can be hot and temperamental, so having these skills is neccessary to create the best working environment possible. 

It would be best to handle multiple personalities in a close working environment. 

Financial understanding is also essential for budgeting and controlling costs to ensure the restaurant’s feasibility. Lastly, resilience and the ability to work under pressure are indispensable, as the kitchen environment can be stressful and demanding. 

Being a head chef is more than just cooking dishes; it is about creating an environment that allows creativity to flow and fosters potential in younger chefs.

Common Daily Activities Carried Out 

A head chef’s day is filled with a wide range of tasks to ensure the kitchen runs smoothly and all the guests who visit the restaurant feel satisfied and ready to return! 

The day typically starts with a checkover of the inventory and a check on the deliveries of fresh produce to ensure all ingredients are available and of the highest quality. Nothing is worse for a lead chef than serving guests fresh fruit or vegetables past their sell-by date.

During service hours, the head chef oversees the preparation and presentation of every dish and ensures each meets the restaurant’s standards. They also manage the pace and workflow in the kitchen, making adjustments as necessary to handle peak times efficiently. 

Once the service has finished, whether in a high-end restaurant or a pub and grill, the head chef will review the day’s work, provide any feedback to the team that is needed and check the stock levels ready for the next sitting or next day. 

A head chef is busy throughout the day; it is a time-consuming role that offers an excellent opportunity to teach and showcase your skills. 

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